Mar 22, 2012

Write Your Own Fantasy Story, by Tish Farrell

Title: Write Your Own Fantasy Story
Author: Tish Farrell
Target Audience: Young Adult
Pages: 61
Chapters: 10
Genre: Non-fiction
Rating: 4/10

Blurb (quoted):
“Want to be a writer: This is the perfect place to start. The Writ Your Own series will teach you how to craft believable characters and intense plots, along with satisfying beginnings, middles, and endings. Examples from numerous books appear throughout the text, along with tips from published authors to help you along.

Fantasy is one of the most popular types of fiction. Fantasy stories – from The Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter – feature characters, places, and events that are beyond what is possible in our world. These stories make amazing, surprising and fantastic things seem completely real, and these takes hold readers in their grip from beginning to end.”

This book is supposed to be a guide to fiction writing. Although it has suitable content, it taught me nothing new, about fantasy or writing. This fact brings me to say that it is suitable for a beginner, who is just starting on their way to novel writing.
The cover is professional and attractive, eye-drawing, and gives the sense of many pages of text (just as a novel is), however when I opened it I found instead a picture book, which took it down to a younger level and somewhat disappointed me.
I would only suggest this book to younger people looking to begin novel writing for the first time.

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